Not Pretty Convinced, Huh?

As a Reminder

Pirsig was thrown out of the academy. Langan was never let inside the scholarly world. I don’t give a damn what others think if they’re fools with nothing but a bunch of prejudice they embrace as a very important thing. You don’t have to like me — fuck off if you don’t. I’m doing this, because this is my form of love. I’m thankful for all the welfare money I’ve received, that has facilitated this work. But academic philosophy stinks of inert intellectual death, and just by reading all the crap I have to brace myself to keep living. I’m not arrogant in any other way than in my way of faithfully reflecting the attitude people in positions of power have towards actual creativity in the field of philosophy. I’m just one small man and I can’t possibly hope to be better than the big men in the institutions, at least not in such a way that these big men would look up to me and emulate my behaviour. Being nice to them is just a waste of time, because it will inflate their ego while doing nothing to their credo. Nobody may correct them except their supervisor, who only wants to keep a job, that indeed pays well. That’s what you get when you sacrifice truth for money. You’re bestowed all these titles and degrees, and you spend your life declaring a lot of people demons, and one day you find out that it was you who was a demon. Then the other demons will proceed to eat you, which is what happened to Pirsig. He shit himself and went to a mental asylum, receiving electroshock treatment which eradicated his past, with which he couldn’t apparently come to terms with, because it was something that made him let cigarettes burn till they were put out by the blisters in his fingers. That’s what you do to the best and most worthy of you, and you should now look in the mirror with disgust if you are one of those self-righteous defenders of a dollhouse they call University.

Apart from that… what is there to say? I don’t see much point in doing anything else than this. Not for me, anyway. I appreciate Pirsig, but I won’t pat him in the back, because to do so would not be a philosophical statement. I don’t suppose I have many enemies. I’m a nice person. I wouldn’t speak badly of the academy, if they weren’t bullying the pathetic nerds that actually create something. Go sit in your own shit, professor whatever. I do that all the time in my small flat and I don’t even mind. What, you would mind? You care about such things? You’re a weak loser. You should sacrifice everything for your work if you want to be someone people look up to for other reasons than wanting your money or wanting to seem cool by hanging out with you. You should sit in your own filth and roll in it, and when you’ve become so disgusting nobody will care about you, then you should dress into a bag, and only speech could be heard from inside the bag, and only that would be how they judge you. All your diplomas, they are like pacifiers and blankets you suck for being unable to attain any body of information without big man patting you in the back and printing report cards and certificates. If you could attain information on your own terms, you’d realize the Uni is a waste of time and get the fuck out. But maybe you live in the USA where you have to live in the streets and shoplift cat food, if you want to live at all, but don’t get anyone to sponsor you. It wasn’t the welfare state that let the Eurozone down, it was bankers and corruption, because not every country is like Finland or Germany. In Iceland they said a big fuck you to those bankers, and that was right. George Soros preventing a whole country, Britain, from joining the Euro by abruptly selling pounds, then netting some billion, is such a joke I’m not even offended. He’s like a big mock-up of the clowns all those bankers are, but the clown of clowns is no clown himself. If you don’t realize the system sucks after that, you never will.

Then there’s Putin, who says all scientists should live like Grigori Perelman, who’s unemployed and refuses the millions they try to give him. Well, nice going, except that you can’t say that if you’re not a scientist, but a president who lives in a palace. Yes, I oppose Putin’s freedom of speech! :D

And fuck the notion of political correctness and hate speech. Every fucking exchange of meaningless pleasantry is a greater sacrilege than anything I ever said. It defiles the dignity of all people who do that and it is fear speech. And it is perverse that hate speech is disallowed but fear speech is right. Why should we all be so fucking afraid of everything all the time? Life’s not worth living if you do that. Just fuck off and die if that’s what you want to do. Call the fucking police because you’re a pussy, who just can’t handle someone speaking to you like that. I’ve never threatened anyone. Not in this text at least. But people were scared of me even when I tried to be nice to them, so I guess I don’t have that much to lose. Maybe I do, but let’s find out what the fuck that is then. I’m getting fucking bored with people around me acting like inane dolts and that’s why I sit in this dusty apartment full of books and read philosophy, because every once in an aeon, some Pirsig wasn’t a total fuck-up and retard.

You know why Pekka-Eric Auvinen perpetrated the Jokela school massacre? Huh? It was in the newspapers. The reason, not the massacre, you fuck-up. It was because he didn’t find an idea he believed in. So he thought he’d just throw it all away and make a point of doing so. That’s what happens when intellect is ruled by people who don’t care, who just want their minipenis sucked by Overlord Money. You think you’re right in the academy, huh? Well not all people agree with you, and not all of them are fucking stupid. Maybe you shouldn’t educate people so much as to introduce the tragedy of the commons to the academy, where credibility is the resourse that gets depleted. Maybe your fucking supervisors and peer-reviewers shouldn’t be so tired they don’t care about their fucking work anymore. Maybe people should just read something from a book, if they want to learn it and can’t do it otherwise. What’s so fucking hard about that? Why do you want to be a part of this stupid herd, that always has to do the same things together? Don’t you ever, like, get bored? What the fuck is wrong with you?

You don’t really have to stick together, unless someone is threatening your freedom and you need to take action against that agency. If that doesn’t happen, you’re free to do what the fuck you want provided that you get money. And I think people should be given that money. I support basic income guarantee, because if you want to have a welfare state in the first place, that’s the only way you can do it without tripping your feet over bureaucracy and having people not receive the benefits they are entitled to because they don’t want to keep filling the fucking forms, because they are, for instance, sick or demented. If you don’t want to have social security in the first place, then, well, I guess you don’t want culture either. J. K. Rowling lived on the minimal British welfare when she, as a single mom, wrote the first Harry Potter. Van Gogh didn’t sell a single painting during his life, and some fuckwits give this brilliant idea that artists should make a living with their art. Nobody will have any fucking art that way, except some millonaires. Now, I think it’s much more unthinkable, that anyone deserves to be a millionare, than that everyone deserves to have basic income guarantee in a society that is technologically completely capable of providing it. In America, people think schools should be private, and then they are all in awe and wonder of Finland’s PISA-results, but nobody remembers to fucking mention, that we don’t have private schools. It’s like the woman screaming “Why?” after the planes hit the towers. Was she fucking serious? If you live like Americans do, you will piss off a lot of people and just have to deal with it. But maybe she was in panic and couldn’t think straight. I’m not saying USA is evil. Computers and rock and roll are from there. I’m just saying if they want to master knowledge instead of just seeming like people who take education seriously, they should really take a look at the Finnish system instead of pretending to do so in this big nativity play for adult infants. But they don’t, because they care more about their peers not accusing them of disregarding the problem than actually doing something about it. Maybe they don’t know problems can be solved. Maybe they only know sometimes others believe you tried, and sometimes they believe you didn’t, and they don’t want the latter because boo hoo.

So if you’re a fucking millionaire, you didn’t deserve it. That doesn’t mean someone should take your millions away from you. That means you just happen to be a millionaire by the grace of God, and you should behave accordingly. Otherwise God will strike you with a fucking thunder hammer and you will die, perish, become nothing, nada, zip, and people will build a motorway over your grave, because you didn’t respect what God gave you. And everyone, who has something they didn’t deserve, should fear and revere and love God, and the tough ones may even joke with God, but the bottom line is not one of us ever deserved even to live, so we are all indebted to God in a way which we can never repay. But we don’t have to, because it wasn’t a fucking loan. And if you’re a young person in the USA, ashamed of receiving money from your dad in order to attain that worthless piece of singaling value of a degree which your fucked up employer will require of you, you shouldn’t be ashamed, because you didn’t even deserve to live. So why do you care about the money? Your dad giving you money in the USA is no different from God letting you live. At least it shouldn’t be, but it could be, if your dad is also a psycho and not only rich. And some psychos have kids, and that’s another reason to have a fucking welfare state. Because nobody prevents you from doing that, and nothing prevents you from having that except the question whether you have enough balls to admit that this world is governed by something deeper than whiplash and money. And it’s not some fable you can put into a Bible or a Quran or Tripitaka. And you can’t put it in a Pirsig book, either. But some books begin paths that can be followed to that destination.

I met someone on the train and gave him a copy of ZMM. He took this pic.


I don’t like books to begin with acknowledgements. They are boring for someone who is interested of the content, and such people should be treated as saints as long as they are in this blessed state of mind. Another thing with acknowledgements is that gratitude is not deterministic but recursive. We were allparts of each others plans and we all affected the plans of others. In any case, maybe, for me, this venture began from my mom buying Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance for me when I was a teenager. Don’t do that if you want your son to become @exatly like you are.

Pirsig took the mental bullet that was involuntarily shot millenia ago by some people who wanted to replace utter chaos with determinism. No blaming for the old men Aristotle, Plato & al. Except that they didn’t have a frigging degree on philosophy! Now Pirsig doesn’t have one either, and he doesn’t publish in prestigious journals, and when Anthony McWatt wrote a doctoral dissertation on the MOQ, he received feedback that made his stomach hurt! So nicely you treat people there… Well the only thing I care about you academics is your money. I’d like to have it. I’d also like to control your apparatus of information distribution and validation. So you’d better appreciate what you have because there are other men who would like to take it away from you.

Pirsig created my conception of reality, and my experieces of living without a purpose have almost slipped into oblivion. I do remember I was in pain. Constantly. I was in hell back then. And I didn’t get out of there just like that. I kept banging my head to a wall for 2004–2008 by trying to construct an ontology that resembled the CTMU with its futile or at least unfulfilled hopes of proving that everything is something identifiable. My fried Timo Kiviluoto saw me doing this like a driven animal in 2006 and probably thought it was rubbish. He recognized DQ as an intuitive variant of Gödel’s incompleteness theories upon first hearing about it, but because I was so mad with what I was doing — I ate the same vegetarian foor every day, some cheap poorly done bullshit, and didn’t go out much or really care about anything else — he waited for one and a half years before he found the right words to tell me what I’m trying to do can’t be done. Because if he had told it @the wong way, I would have just become even more mad. Now that’s a sign of a true friend.

Timo taught me a lot about logic. I never considered myself math-savvy because I wasn’t interested of it — schools teach it in a pretty boring way — but so apparently I was capable of proving simple theorems and understanding some formalisms. He tended to have a steep learning cur4ve n his assignments, with me not repeating a task many times enough to learn it, but otherwise he preached moderation and that there is no single truth. Apparently there was a single truth after all, but it came with accepting that it’s not the kind of a deterministic truth I initially wanted. Yes, I initially wanted that even though I had read ZMM, because I just didn’t get it at first.

I have commited my life to this work. I will do everything I can to bring you down. You did not deserve to be revered, in your dull intellectual complacency, surrounded by whisky and elitist fools. You will remember the name, Tuukka Virtaperko, in good or evil — with pride or regret. And you have already lost, because the world is changing, and people like me will join you or throw you out — expose you to the element of time, which will wear you down as nobody is left to carry your memory, and the worthless fruits of your labor will rot in Hell, with only you eating them. Again, and again, and again.

Arriving to Oulu to do work with Timo.

Help yourself.